• What We Do

    Touch Cleveland uses marketing and public relations expertise to create and influence growth and advancement in cities. At the heart of Touch Cleveland is our love and support for minority small-business owners. We offer free strategy sessions and low-cost marketing services to small businesses. Our goal is to help minority small businesses grow strategically.

Our Services

We align our firm with organizations, companies, and public figures that have similar goals or resources of benefit to the small businesses. From strategic planning and organizing major events that bring economic impact to the city as a whole – to hosting and organizing festivals that bring communities closer together. Touch Cleveland fills in the gaps between these entities by identifying and creating opportunities for collaboration. We believe, by aligning organizations and people together, we will contribute to the overall growth and development of businesses and communities.

Digital Marketing

Social media, email marketing, content marketing, and web design.

Marketing Management

Market research, marketing plans, brand identity, and project management.

Event Planning

Product launches, grand openings, campaign launches and fundraisers.

Community Outreach 

Identifying prospects for partnerships, creating and maintaining relationship with target audience.

Industries We Serve

Arts & Culture

Attorneys & Law Offices

Commercial Real Estate



Public Figures

​Small Business Collaborative

Are you a small business owner that needs marketing help but not sure where to begin? Ask about our Associate Group. Associates gain the expertise of a marketing team, on-going support, resources and tools to help manage marketing strategies independently, and familiarity with marketing tactics that work best for you and your business.